- In our company procurement function works well. We experience no issues.
- Yes, effective procurement is a reality. And at the same time, there are several signs of profit losses because of procurement inefficiency.

1. If a company is not able to describe internal processes, since only several people own "MYSTIC" KNOWLEDGE in procurement. And they are so busy with routine operational tasks that they can not be distracted even for a moment.

2. The procurement function is MANUALLY MANAGED or only thanks to brainy employees. There exit procedures, but actually everything works differently.

3. Inexperienced, incorrect EXPENDITURES. E.g. seasonal payments appear unexpectedly, ad-hoc. Tenders are unclear, but it is not easy to verify since the papers look ok.

4. The owner or CEO feels that buyers have opportunities for FRAUD, corruption and kickbacks. Just a feeling. Perhaps it's time to find them?
"If you see at least one of these symptoms in your company, it is worthy to investigate existing procurement processes"

Maryna Trepova
СЕО IPSM, Head of CIPS in Ukraine
We optimize your costs, organize an effective procurement process and find fraud

Our team first experience in procurement

We launched first professional educational program "CPP®. Procurement Excellence Academy" (Ukraine + Switzerland)
since 2016

We conduct procurement audit to increase the procurement function efficiency and reduce corruption

We outsource indirect (not core business) purchases to reduce costs of our clients
What We Do Together With You
Optimize your costs
We can guarantee reducing the costs for our clients via procurement audit, portfolio analysis and category management
Organize the process
We find money losses in non-optimized processes and rebuild them
Find fraud

We make procurement procedures as transparent as possible and prevent corruption
An effective procurement function ALWAYS means increase of company's PROFITABILITY

Do you know that - 1% of expenses causes + 3.8% in EBITDA?

"CFOs enter 2018 more focussed on controlling costs than at any time in the last eight years. Despite this, they are more optimistic today than they have been in the last two years and perceptions of uncertainty are far lower than during the euro crisis and following the EU referendum".
Ian Stewart
Chief Economist, Deloitte LLP
"The Deloitte Global Chief Procurement Officer Survey 2018
What We Do
AUDIT shows
tangible results
  1. A holistic picture of how procurement function works now.
  2. Gap-function analysis with recommendations.
  3. Zones of possible fraud in function.

    Roadmap for improving the situation
tangible results
  1. Model "To BE" for procurement optimization
  2. Gap-analysis with recommendations.
  3. Automation of processes.
  4. Category management.

    ! Support at implementation stages
tangible results
  1. Simplify procurement process.
  2. Minimize corruption component
  3. Release company's resources
  4. Save money

    ! We involve niche experts for specific projects
Our Clients Get Clear Measurable Results
Finance Directors
Improve Financial Performance

Business processes OPTIMIZATION

Increase Profitability
Expenditure REDUCTION

Improving STABILITY of business in the long run

Create more TRANSPARENCY in work

Achieve Procurement Function KPIs
Increase EFFICIENCY of purchasing


INCREASE procurement function's status within a company
Improve Financial Performance
CASH BREAK reduction

These Wonderful People Want Transparency
Reduce RETURN on investments period


Improve business STABILITY in the long run
IPSM Core Team
Maryna Trepova
Chief Executive Officer
Procurement strategy, procurement operations. Training and development.
Top-management consulting
Viktoriya Kravchenko
Head of Marketing & PR
Marketing procurement, project management.
International sales
Roman Romantsov
Supply chain and LEAN
Supply chain management, logistics. Lean management
Andriy Sichka
Finance and Credit Management
Credit portfolio management
Financial risks
Suriya Khabibullina
Category management in retail
Competitive Strategy, negotiations in procurement and supply
Andrii Tokar
Procurement in oil and gas industry
Project management. Outsourcing in gas-oil industry
Alex Obushko
IT-infrastructure. CRM, Enterprise solutions
We are hunting for chaos, unprofessionalism and
fraud in procurement

49% of global organisations said they'd been a victim of fraud and economic crime. However, we know this number should be much higher. So, what about the other 51%?
The fraud you DON'T SEE is as important as the fraud you do
52% of fraud were committed by internal actors (vs. 46% in 2016)
Didier Lavion,
Principal, Global Economic Crime and Fraud Survey Leader, PwC US
"Pulling fraud out of the shadows. Global Economic Crime and Fraud Survey 2018"
Our Principles
We love projects where we are able to influence the result and change the system. We
We never invent "improved" reports
We give NO preferences
We show the real situation
What Our Clients Say
"Procurement departments are now on the verge of big changes. Their role strengthens annually. From tactical work, they move to a full-fledged strategic role in the company, adding value and an entrepreneurial approach.

1. Procurement is the function that does not spend company money, but EARNS it.
2. With every year, companies are more careful in cost CONTROL.
3. The future of procurement is in NEW TECHNOLOGIES, Big Data, outsourcing and risk management in supply chain. "

Maryna Trepova, СЕО
Procurement professional with 10+ years of experience
Executive MBA, Harriot-Watt University Edinburgh Business School in Eastern Europe

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